• Victora Fall
    Talk about Everything 2013. 1. 31. 19:47

    I arrived at 'Livingstone' (the city which have Amazing Victora Falls!)

    cycling in Afrcia is so much boring me.

    but still my trip have been changed until now...

    i met a "Stuart" from england again at Mbeya!

    i spent a new year in nice wild bush!

    my camera "DP2" was broken down.

    i cycled about 100km in everyday!

    my laptop charger was broken as well.

    i met really nice guys at lusaka.

    i got same camera which is sent from korea at lusaka.

    i left lusaka after 16 days staying!

    i've done 18000km cycling.

    i did bungee in Vic fall bridge.

    (i was fantastic but too short!)

    all those things i've done from Dar to Living stone..

    tomorrow i gonna go to Zimbabwe.

    i want to upload many pic in my laptop. but my laptop also was dead because of battery.

    See you in Windhoek, Namibia!

    Album Cover of band which we will make.

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