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    i started cycling again, but this time cycling is totally different In my whole cycling trip.

    because I've got Cycling buddy Now!.

    it is really different, difficult and strange to cycling alone. My brother(also cycling buddy) had been painful of his legs, and his stomach.

    cycling distance on a day was getting slower... i had to realize fix the cycling plan to reach the Kampala within a week from Nairobi.

    cycling together is need...

    more patient, more foods, more money, more rest times,

    more difficult, more times.

    but i didn't regret to decision about cycling together.

    cycling together is

    much more fun, much ligher, much more enjoyable,

    remove loneliness and fears... and makes me happy.

    i just arrived at Kampala.

    it is really hard to believe that cycling in kenya is fantastic and peaceful.

    local people are most welcome in every place(without Nairobi).

    when we asked to camp at their palace, they opened the their gate and ground for us.

    after 2days leaving the Nairobi, i arrived Naivisha Lake to go to Hell's gate National Park...

    National Park was Expensive(25$ per person), i was so wonder and enjoy to explore the National park by bicycle.

    but my Brother couldn't spend a enjoyable time in NP.

    Finished exploring the National park, we was heading to Kisumu.

    it is Third largest city in Kenya, and Victoria lake which source of White Nile is seen at Kisumu.

    Pain of My brother Legs was getting worse after leaving the Nivisha Lake.

    we should stay Kisumu for 4 days to recover his condition.

    i spent 2nd Birthday in this trip at Kisumu, also my brother had 1st birthday in his first trip.

    after recovering times in Kisumu, We arrived border between Kenya-Uganda in 2days.

    Border was crowded with Awesome Cloud. crossing and getting a visa was just easy.

    Big difference between Uganda and Kenya is Fence of House.

    every house had a fence in kenya, but finding a house which have a fence is really hard in Uganda.

    we couldn't find good camping place which spent a night in Uganda.

    we had spent nights in uganda at hotel.

    Drivers are more fury than kenya, even we met rain few times...

    we arrived at Kampala Safety..

    Crowed border with cloud.


    Exploring The Hell's Gate National Park.

    Still Strong!


    Sunset In Victoria Lake

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