In Nairobi!

from Talk about Everything 2012. 8. 1. 02:57

FInally, i arrived at Nairobi few days ago.

i decided to go to Nairobi by bus form Moyale(is Border between Ethiopia and Kenya)

Consequently, My younger brother joined to Our Trip on Monday.

i arrived at Moyale on Wednesday last week.

i need to prepare somethings such as hiring taxi for pick up him at Airport, finding a good place to stay in Nairobi.

that reasons make me chose to go to Nairobi by Bus.

Bus trip sounds like so easy for me, but it wasn't so easy enough.

The road between Moyale and Nairobi have many bad reputations.

i had sufferd around 13 hours really bad gravel roads on the bus.

i was totally dusty and painful.

fortunately, i found a good information where is best bet to stay in nairobi.

it's little bit expensive for me but really fantastic places in my trip!

Now, My brother joined my trip safety and perfectly!

and he brought many things(almost korean foods) included My Laptop which was fixed in korean for Free!

I'm very Happy even i can't explain it in a word!

Bus form Moyale to Nairobi

Nairobi Bus Station with Strange Beger!

He Has coming!

Meeting Brother after over 1 year trip!

How can i handle too much luggage?

Wild Life Already was stared!

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    버스가 참...오래 타면 온몸이 쑤시게 생겼네요 ㅋㅋ

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    동생이랑 얼굴이 틀리네? ㅎㅎ