• Meeting friends in Addis-Ababa
    Talk about Everything 2012. 7. 8. 21:06


    Good bye Joshep


    Awesome Place with Rutger


    Hard to Believe that "Am i really here?"


    Totally Gentle man in Addis



    1. Joshep


    I had stayed at Addis-ababa for 2 weeks, it was so long times but there were not times to be bored...


    i made 2 Awesome metting in Addis.


    First I met Joshep, we first met each other on the flight from Dubai to Khartoum.

    he was flight crew, he and me were so happy.

    but we couldn't talk with each other too much.


    i need to sleep, he had a busy times on flight


    we should to say goodbye with regrets.


    but we made a appointment "See you again Dubai or Somewhere!"



    i got a message From Joshep, 3 days after leaving Gondar.

    he said "i plan to go to Ethiopia!" i was so happy, it was good Power of Cyciling!



    2. Rutger

    I had a tough time in Trukemeistan, i was empty park in Ashgabat.


    i just cycling around near the park to remind a Ashgabat.

    i found Absolutely Foreigner in the Park. We recognized each other in middle of way.


    Rutger who is on a picture, asked my plan, i said "i'll go to Africa!"

    he also suprised and countinue to say "Oh that's a great! i have lived in Addis-Ababa, if you come to Addis, call me!"


    we made a Appointment which meet up in Addis say "Good Bye"




    even i stayed at outer place in Addis, Joshep want to come to my place.

    Ethiopia telecom company seveice are very bad, i didn't get his message which sent on yesterday.


    i've got a appointment message on a day. we missed each other on the way 2times.


    but, finally we could meet up in Hilton Hotel.


    We drank too much beer in Piazza with Euro match between Italia and England

    i supported England, but England was enervation.

    they was defeated by Italia.



    Rutger have lived in front of Canadian embassy, his place was not far from my place(Lafto)


    his house was just Awesome, and he work at Dutch embassy.


    when i saw him in Trukmenistan, he had perfectly backpacker's look!

    but in Ethiopia He was in Absolutely Black. i felt strange for him, but he chaneged his clothes.


    it looks much better for me.


    he introduce me a some nice frech resturants.


    i really hard to believe that "Reall Am I here!"


    We ordered at Stake

    needless to say it was just Fantastic.



    I have a nice meet a 2 nice friends in Addis.


    it was so amazing.



    See you next time!




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