• Sorry...
    Talk about Everything 2012. 6. 28. 15:03

    Sorry, people who read my trip journal...


    i always have been trying to write my trip journal fastly.


    especially, recently i made a short trip journal to write fastly, also in english...


    i arrived at Addis-Ababa a week ago. i finished my short text which explain cycling story from Gondar to Addis in Engilsh for few days..


    also, i had wriiten a new trip journal of Trukemeistan. more i met some friends who met one the road, and we met again on the road!


    it was just Fantastic and Awesome.



    But, Unfortunately My laptop was broken before upload this Awesome storys...


    i couldn't charge my laptop even it coundn't turn on with Ac plug... i want to fix my laptop in Addis.


    i realized that the best way to fix my laptop is just send back to the Korea. i sent my loptop to korea via Post (i paid 50$ for 3.5kg laptop)


    now i couldn't see my picture, and open my text, i lost many things...


    my younger borhter will come to Nirobi at Kenya on Erly of August. if it'll fix well, my brother will bring the my fixed laptop. i can continue writing the journal.


    Sorry for people who have read my trip journal...


    Ethiopia is toughest country in my tirp, Life Ever! 

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