• Does they throw the rock really?
    Talk about Everything 2012. 6. 12. 18:56

    i'm in Bahar Dar

    Cycling in Ethiopia is Truly hard and tough. it is not problems of Geographical features.

    every travelers who traveled Ethiopia have warned me "Be Careful in Ethiopia!"

    and "it must be great challenges in your trip", i was pretty scared about that advices.

    but fortunately first 3 days are very peaceful and fantastic.

    i stayed little bit long times at Gondar(it is first big city in Ethiopia) because i had typhoid fever then i need time to recover it.

    after leaving at Gondar, i met real harass of Ethiopia.

    almost people(even it include old and grown people) see me as not person but Only Money!.

    and they was crying "Give Meeeeeeeeee!!!!!, Give me!!!!!" but that things was okay before they thrown the rock to me.

    many kids was trying to throw the rock or stone to me, almost it couldn't reach me

    but some times they can hit me from long distance, it was little bit painful and makes me very angry!

    one funny things, people are getting worse when i went into rural places.

    Citizens who live in big city are more gentle than People who live in rural area Only In Ethiopia!!!

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